Our response on helping Refugees

In these hard times we are keeping all People who have found themselves to be affected by the recent conflict in Ukraine in our hearts and minds. As Gi Group, we stand for people – and we are fully committed to support anyone in need.

Gi Group is gathering donations through its local foundation in Poland, FUNDACJA GI GROUP, active since 2013 (see more information below). The fundraising is open to anyone willing to make a donation to directly support Refugee’s accomodations and basic needs. Gi Group has already made a donation of 50,000€ and the company will double match any incoming donation: for any 1€ donated, we will be adding 2€ to it.

Goal of the fundraiser:

  • Supporting Ukrainian Refugees during their new employment through Gi Group, with a 200€ bonus (converted into local currency) per person in addition to their first salary
  • Provide economic aid to Ukrainian refugees who receive accommodation from a Gi Group internal employee (200€ converted into local currency)
  • Supporting different Charities helping Ukrainian Refugees


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and stand with us for People!

Gi Group will match each donation 2:1 (+2€ for each 1€ donated).


You can donate any amount you’re willing to contribute with by bank transfer or by PayPal:

Bank Account Name: Fundacja GI Group
IBAN EURO: PL 11 1160 2202 0000 0005 1947 0720
Swift Code: BIGBPLPW


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Other activities Gi Group is promoting to help Refugees


We have created a Global Task Force to respond to the emergency as well as an ad hoc Emergency Team in Poland to coordinate our activities on the ground, with dedicated contacts for Refugees to reach out. We are physically present at the Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian and Romanian Borders – as well as having a dedicated aid garrison in Czech Republic. We are constantly in touch with the Polish National Commission for Human Rights to ensure we have and are able to share the latest, first-hand and trustworthy information about the situation in real time. Our Emergency Team are able to provide Refugee with basic support (including transportation, accommodation, food, clothes, blankets, medicines, toiletries, baby products) and to help each and everyone who is in need to find qualified employment in their new location outside of Ukraine. Furthermore, we have secured the following concrete initiatives to support Refugees:

  • Setting up a Polish and Ukrainian speaking contact centre reachable via mobile, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp, for any information regarding transportation, accommodation, legal and Visa matters, etc., together with physical support points at the border, both in Rzeszów and in Przemysl and in each of our Polish Offices
  • Creating an Open Jobs Website in Ukrainian to connect Refugees in urgent need of employment with Companies across Central, Eastern and Western Europe




More information about Fundacja Gi Group


Since 2013, the Gi Group Foundation has been operating in Poland as a non-profit organization – meaning that all its funds are exclusively allocated to the implementation of their statutory goals. The Foundation’s goal is to support people in needs. Some example of recent activities held by the Foundation are:

  1. Computer equipment donations to disabled children, through a collaboration with „Zobacz Mnie” (‘See Me’) Foundation, to support kids in their education.
  2. Helping children suffering from cancer, through a collaboration with the Foundation for the Rescue of Children with Cancer at the Clinic of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Children’s Hematology, Cape of Hope, by donating donated of toys, school supplies, toiletries and other goods..
  3. Taking care of the Family Children’s Home in Potworów by organizing fundraising to cover their basic needs and supporting the children in tutoring, additional training and rehabilitation (as 3 of them have a disability)
  4. As part of the National Program of First Job Aid, the Foundation co-organized and participated in the Provincial Professional Picnic, which is to activate professionally young people leaving foster families throughout the country.

  Gi Group’s employees are very engaged in the activities of the Foundation and they are used to volunteer to make them even more successful. We want employees to be involved in the projects so to make the best use of their potential and talents: this is why the Foundation is always open to their ideas about new initiatives and always follow up with them.

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